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White Plain Ceramic Trinket or Ring Heart Egg/Oval Box Hinged Lid with Gold Trim -2 Sizes -Sets of 3

Every sweetheart deserves one of these precious heart boxes with hinged lid. Available in two sizes  small (approximately (1.5x  1.5" x 1" tall ) and large (approximately 2.75 x 2.75" x 1.25" tall). See photo with USA quarter. 

Just added, egg or oval ship box in the large size (approximately 3" x 1.75").

Personalize with vinyl, name year or sentiment. Supplies are limited, however if this is a popular product we will restock. 

Please note: There may be specs or mars on the inside bottom of the large heart. None were found on the small boxes we inspected. 

An order of 1 = 3 boxes
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