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Thermal Transfer Sublimation Markers

$ 19.99

  •  Now you can create your own artwork on plain copy paper then by adding heat you can permanently transfer your image to polyester products or sublimation acrylic!

    • Create your image. Keep in mind the final product is a mirror image so any written text must be written in reverse.
    • Be sure to protect your drawing surface from marker bleed.
    • Secure artwork face down to the item you are transferring to using thermal tape and a repositionable spray adhesive.
    • Press item using your preferred heating method. Heat press or easy press will yield the best results.
    • Item will be hot after pressing. Please allow item to cool completely before handling.
    • Gently remove the paper from the item to reveal your design.

    Recommended Settings:
    Easy Press: 360 degrees
    Heat Press: 350 - 400 degrees
    Iron: Highest setting, no steam

    Heat times vary according to the material. Consult recommended time/temperature/pressure setting instructions according to the material you are using.

    Craft Chameleon Marker Video Tutorials:

    Primary colors: Apple, Cupcake, Carrot, Ocean, Canary, Cactus
    Gnomie Botanical colors: Almond, Lavender, Mustard Seed, Poppy, Clover Bark
    Pastel colors: Ballerina, Sky, Seafoam, Cotton Candy, Mauve, Mint
    Black (6 pack) - 2 round tip, 2 chisel tip, 2 fine tip

    Stamp pad measures approximately 1 3/4" x 2 7/8" (Inside) and 3.75" x 2/75" (case)

    An order of 1 Primary, Gnomie or Pastel = 6 markers
    An order of 1 stamp pad = 1