Set of 5 ~ Glitter Sport Headbands PRINTS

Glitter Sports Headbands - Standard/Doll Sizes

These stretch headbands are ideal for use in your shows or boutiques. They are perfect to use for athletic activities such as cheerleading, volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, track, tennis, yoga, lacrosse, field hockey, majorettes, flag corp, pom pom, rowing, running, gymnastics, jazz dance, pageants and more!

These can be worn as is for every day wear, or for extra pizazz, you can add a flower, bottle cap, feather puff, applique, button or any other embellishment you can think of.

These are also great to use as party favors, bridesmaids gifts, bachelorette parties, school fundraisers and the list goes on.

Sold in sets of 5. An order amount of 1 = 5 headbands set all the same color.


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