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Foil with Adhesive Heat Transfer ~ Multiple Colors

  • These 12" x 12" Sheet of foil and an adhesive sheet is perfect to add glitter and glamor to most of our acrylic blanks. 

    The foils themselves do not come with an adhesive layer however this set includes a sheet of  Adhesive.

    Manufacturers Instructions Here.
    Or our abbreviated information below.
    Cut the adhesive just like you would any heat transfer material (mirroring the design). Place on cutting mat and with the carrier sheet down to cut. Be sure to do a test cut. To weed, try placing it on a black or dark surface. Heat press settings are 275 degrees F and Medium pressure. Preheat item for 2-3 seconds to get out all the wrinkles.

    Place the adhesive on the item with the adhesive side down on the item, carrier sheet up. Cover with parchment or Teflon sheet. Press for 5 seconds. Leaving the item on the press, peel off the carrier hot. You will see the adhesive is left behind.

    Place your foil color/print side up on top of the adhesive. Cover and press for 10 seconds. The adhesive will have gripped the foil. For tears of joy, wait to peel until the foil is cool to the touch.

    If you have any bare spots you can add more foil or leave it for a distressed look. If you want the distressed look, crinkle the foil prior to applying.

    An order of 1 = 1 sheet of foil and 1 sheet of adhesive 

    This item is not returnable or exchangeable

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