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Cricut/Cameo Etching Thickness (2mm) Metal Large Round Tag Plastic Template for Etching

  • These plastic templates match our Cricut/Cameo Etching Thickness (2mm) Metal Large Round. They are sized to fit the Silhouette Curio 8.5 x 6 tray. These templates hold only Craft Chameleon acrylics in place while being engraved.

    Make etching with a Silhouette Curio even simpler by purchasing the plastic template to help hold your acrylic in place and line up your design perfectly every time! The plastic template has 8 round shapes so you can etch 8 at a time! The template fits right over your curio mat for a perfect fit every time!

    The cut files to match the plastic templates be available via digital download after your order ships. Rough edges can be knocked down with an emery board.

    An order of 1 =1 plastic template