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CSD Acrylic Blank Shapes for Light Base

  • These less than 2mm blank shapes have been specifically designed to fit our light basesWe cannot guarantee that that will fit in other light bases.

    Pumpkin measures approximately 4.5" wide x 4.2" tall
    Square measures approximately 3.5" wide x 4" tall
    Round measures approximately 4.3' wide x 4.3" tall
    Snow Globe measures approximately 3.7" x 4.5" tall
    Dog measures approximately 3" wide x 4" tall
    Cat measures approximately 3.7" wide x 4.4" tall
    Beehive measures approximately 4.2" wide x 4.5" tall
    Mason Jar measures approximately 2.8" wide x 5" tall
    Vertical Rectangle measures approximately 4" wide x 6.4" tall
    Horizontal Rectangle measures approximately 6" wide x 4.4" tall
    Heart measures approximately 5" wide x 5.6" tall
    Shamrock measures approximately 5" wide x 6
    Bunny measures approximately 3.4" wide x 7" tall
    Football measures approximately 6" wide x 4" tall
    Old Pick Up Rear View measures approximately 4.5" wide x 5" tall

    These CSD cast acrylics are thin enough to be engraved with your Cricut Maker or etched with your Silhouette Cameo 3 or use our adhesive transparent vinyl to create fabulous lighted creations.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you have not engraved acrylic with your Cricut Maker we do recommend our CSD Cricut Maker Acrylic Engraving Bundle with instructions. 

    An order of 1 = 1 clear CSD thickness blank acrylic and 1 spacer (to ensure a snug fit)

    CSD cast acrylic works with Cricut Maker engraving tool. This acrylic also works on the Silhouette Cameo3 with their etching tool. However, please be aware we cannot be responsible for any damage that your machine may incur. Any questions please contact customer service at

    Cricut and Cameo are registered trademarks of their respective companies and are not associated with Craft Chameleon in any way.

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