Anchor Acrylic Shape

  • Anchor Acrylic Shape - CraftChameleon
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  • Anchor Acrylic Shape - CraftChameleon
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  • Anchor Acrylic Shape - CraftChameleon
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  • Anchor Acrylic Shape - CraftChameleon
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  • Anchor Acrylic Shape

Our monogrammable anchors are just what the captin ordered! At approximately 3" tall, they are available in 5 colors: clear, solid white, solid red and solid navy.  They are sold as blanks for you to add your own personal touch to them. These are sold individually.

We offer several shapes, colors, patterns and finishes.

Available in clear, solid red, solid white and solid blue acrylic. Want another color? Join us on our Facebook group to request colors or other special shapes. 

NOTE: Protective coating on BOTH sides of the acrylic help keep it free if scratches in clear or a brown color paper that easily peels off. If the coating has been removed for quality control purposes they will be bagged individually. Glitter is on one side only. The back side is white or a lighter color of the front which is not removable.

The template for your acrylic shape will be available via digital download after you complete your purchase.

CC Exclusive means no other company's blanks should fit our files. Our designs are our intellectual work and protected under US copyright system.


An order of 1 = 1 piece



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