Alta Caps Small Sample Bag

$ 8.49

These round colorful plastic resin discs are very rigid, making them ideal for use in making, embellishing or personalizing various things. Some examples are: hair accessories, jewelry, purses, notebooks, magnets, scrapbooking and more. Their uses are only limited by your imagination! These are also a great alternative to bottle caps.

If you are new to these and not sure how to finish them, we suggest the following: use a 1" circle punch and punch out your favorite image, photo, graphic, etc. Glue the 1" circle you just punched into the alta cap, then pop in a resin drop  or finish off with your favorite liquid resin to seal.

Provided with your purchase of these alta caps, you will receive some sample graphic images and a resin drop tutorial.

You will receive 2 alta caps in each of the 21 colors we currently offer. Each order of this sample bag contains a total of 42 alta caps.  (white is not currently available)




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