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24" Ball Chain Necklace ~ Set of 25 – CraftChameleon 0
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24" Ball Chain Necklace ~ Set of 25

Now offering ball chain necklaces in many colors! Choose from: black, brown/black, blue, green, purple, pink, red, orange, off white and silver tone! These are quality necklaces that are lead free and nickel free which are pre-packaged in quantities in 25 pieces per color. Each necklace comes with a matching attached connector.

These 24" (2.4mm) necklaces can be cut to shorter lengths to meet your specific needs. Perfect for pendants, Alta-Cap necklaces, bottle caps, dog tag necklaces, Alta-Cap dogtags, glass tile and scrabble tile necklaces!

The necklaces are pre-packaged in 25pcs, so when ordering please remember an order of 1 = 25.


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