Set of 12 ~ 10mm Plastic Colored Headbands

This product is being discontinued. Once they are gone they will not be reordered.

TODDLER SIZE: These 10mm wide plastic headbands are sized to fit a slender or small framed toddler. These headbands are ideal for toddlers that the standard sized headbands do not fit (usually small framed children). These have also been sold for small framed girls who wear glasses, as the shorter sides of these headbands do no interfere with the glass frames.

If you are not sure if you need this size or the standard size, 1 piece samples are available for this item. There is no charge for the product sample but you will be responsible for paying the shipping and handling cost.

STANDARD SIZE: 10 mm wide plastic headband standard size, will fit a child up to adult. These blank headbands are commonly used for applying 3/8' ribbon to the top. Especially the velvet glitter ribbon however other ribbons can be used.

Colored matched to our other products these can be used with Alta-Caps, Mix N Mags, plus your appliques and embellishment.

These headbands are sold in packs of 12. When ordering, each unit of 1 = 12 headbands.



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