Set of 12 ~ 1 3/8" Blank Plastic Headbands

These newly designed standard sized headbands are 1 3/8" wide and coordinate perfectly with our        1 3/8" doll sized headbands. When you purchase any of our 1 3/8" headbands, you will also receive a pattern and tutorial on how to cover these headbands with fabric using a 'no sew' technique. The 5 page tutorial includes step by step 'no sew' instructions and over 20 photos. The patterns were drafted to fit the Craft Chameleon headbands exactly.  The pattern and tutorial will be sent to you via email after purchase.

You can cover these headbands with fabric to complement current items in your closet, custom made clothing, “Dolly & Me” sets or your favorite sports teams. You can also embroider these headbands with monograms or logos. Another idea would be to glue our Mix discs under the fabric and sell with magnetic bottle-caps or our Alta-caps with our Mix Magnets on the back. The design ideas for these headbands are limitless!

These headbands are made with unbreakable plastic resin (when used within the usual crafting norms). I can’t speak to them being unbreakable if, say, they are run over with bicycles or used in a tug-o-war-match! However, you can almost flatten these out completely with no strain to the plastic and no loss of the shape’s integrity.

These headbands are sold in packs of 12. When ordering, each unit of 1 = 12 headbands.

Suggested Supplies: Craft Chameleon double sided tape



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