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Take Note, Teacher Gifts Are Here!

Posted by Chacoy on

This time of the year we are all scrambling to find and give that perfect gift to those who teach our little ones in school. So take note, teacher gifts are here!

Punch Place Plus offers a wide variety of products to use for any type of gift but they also offer gifts that are perfect for those who are in an office type setting or may need to take a lot of notes (shoot, I want one for my desk area!).

The items you'll need to make these are:
Acrylic Name Plates
Acrylic Post It Note Pad Holders
Scotch Tape
Exacto Knife
Post it Notes!

These are easy-peasy to do, you don't even need to use vinyl if you don't want to. You could use scrapbook paper and Mod Podge. Simply place your paper under the Post It Note Holder, and use your exacto knife to cut around it. Apply some Mod Podge onto the acrylic, apply your paper, then apply another coat of Mod Podge over the top wait for it to dry, add your top onto the Post It Note Holder and you're done!

For mine, I simply cut out a pattern that I thought fit each of my sons teachers personalities.
I took some scotch tape and applied it to where the top and the part that holds the post it pad meet (so I could align my design, there is no need to put it where the top will go because it won't be seen and you wouldn't have a very good seal/bond between the top and the pad holder if there were vinyl in between).

I flipped the post it over to line up where my scotch tape would go.
You can see the outline from behind.

 Applied the tape & cleaned my acrylic.

I then aligned my design up along the bottom of the tape and placed my vinyl design onto the post it note pad holder. I didn't cut my design to fit exact to the Post it Note Holder because I knew it would be harder to line everything up then to just line up the top.
Once it was aligned and on the post it note holder, I took an exacto knife and went around it cutting off the excess vinyl.

Now that the vinyl is adhered, we are going to attach the top part of the post it note holder. 

 I love that the post it note holders from Punch Place Plus come with an adhesive backing already on them! 

You're simply going to take the backing off of the adhesive.

 Better picture of the adhesive on the back.

 And align it with your post it note holder. 
(Please note that you don't have any room for error, so you need to do this part slowly!)
 I lined up one side at a time and then did the other side.)

Once it was on, I pushed on it in all four corners and in the middle; then turned it over and rubbed it to make sure it was on there good.

A very cute post it note pad holder!

For the Name Plates I didn't do anything special, in fact I only did names without a design. For one because they're males and two what if they move to another school?

 There you have it an easy, yet amazing looking gifts for teachers!!

I hope you'll share what you made with your Post It Note Pad Holders and Name Plates?!

As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask;)

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