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Pineapple Palooza

Posted by Chacoy on

Today on the Punch Place Blog it's, pineapple palooza!

Clothing - Pineapple Palooza

I love pineapples and who couldn't when they look this cute?

Punch Place Plus carries these cuties in three different sizes, 3", 2" and 1.5". And you can make just about anything with them from, key chains, earrings, charms for a bracelet and they don't have to look like your typical pineapple (green and yellow).
Pineapple Palooza

To make these you're going to...

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Punch Place Plus Holiday Schedule

Posted by Chacoy on

Please, note the Punch Place Plus holiday schedule.
Text - Punch Place Plus Holiday Schedule

Happy Holidays from all of us at Punch Place Plus!



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Ring It In...

Posted by Chacoy on

With all of this jewelry you've been making, it's time to ring it in (not in a bad way)!

Bowl - Ring It In...

Punch Place Plus sells these amazing little ceramic ring dishes that would be perfect for holding all of your precious jewels!

I have seen these cute little dishes all over the internet. For purchase along with tons of DIY ideas on how to decorate them yourself from painting, adding animals, initials, dates,...

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