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Another Chance to Win!!!

Posted by MommaOh on

Flyer - Another Chance to Win!!!
Yes we just ended one giveaway to start another one! This is a chance to win a FREE shopping admission to the Everything Embroidery Market. 5 of ways to win. Entry form is on the rotating marquee on the website, .

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It's a Party with PPP!

Posted by Chacoy on

Happy Monday! I hope you're ready because today it's a party with PPP! (Now I have that song stuck in my head;)
Text - It's a Party with PPP!

IF you're new here, let me explain a little about Punch Place Plus.
They're a small, family owned business (Michael and Jamie), have two part-time employees and specialize in unique, inexpensive wholesale items for us crafters. They not only have a great selection of items but are one of...

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Getting Crafty with Punch Place Plus

Posted by Chacoy on

We're getting crafty with Punch Place Plus today!

Turtle - Getting Crafty with Punch Place Plus

The Frugal Crafter has posted an amazing  video on a few unconventional ways to use some of our products in an unusual yet very crafty way!

Here is a list of items she used if you'd like to try a few of her great techniques.

Clear Acrylic Vintage Label
1/2"x3.5" Acrylic Strip Component
2.5'x3.5" Acrylic Base Component (that come in 3 colors)

What are you...

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Crafters Super Giveaway :: Closes on the 25th :: Don't miss out!

Posted by MommaOh on

Poster - Crafters Super Giveaway :: Closes on the 25th :: Don't miss out!
It's unbelievable that I almost let this slip by without letting you all know!! No matter what type of crafter you are this is a SUPER giveaway that our friends at Silhouette School are hosting!

Only 1 day left!! Hurry enter to win.

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