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SuperBowl Party Favors ~ Coin Keychain and Cuff Bracelet

Posted by MommaOh on

All photos by Roy Robinson

Coin Keychain and Cuff Bracelet SuperBowl Party Favors

This blog post is from Roy Robinson, the only guy who blogs with us. He is so talented and we are blessed to work with Roy.  Enjoy this great post!

*Ballchain Keyring (these come with the sets of 5 circles too)
*Heat Transfer Vinyl(HTV)
Brown Work Glove (like those found at Dollar Tree)
Heat press- preheat to 300-310

Items with * are links to the CraftChameleon products.
Create your designs. While these favors were designed for a SuperBowl Party you could easily design them for awards partys, birthday party's, the list is endless.

After cutting your HTV, it's time to weed. A tip I have found to make weeding a little easier, try slightly heating your htv on the bottom platen of your heat press.

Fold a piece of parchment paper in half and then half again. Place on bottom platen of heat press.

Peel the protective paper off both sides of the 2 inch circle. Place inside the fold of the parchment paper, put htv in desired place on the circle. Making sure top fold of parchment paper is covering
 the circles.
With light pressure press the circle for 5 to 12 seconds. This may take a few tries depending on your heat press and if you are using multiple layers. Repeat if doing both sides.

If there is htv covering the design, use the diamond tip reamer to clean out the hole. This will leave a clean professional hole for the attachments we will use next.

Now we are ready to apply the hardware. Gather your pliers, triangle bail, swivel lobster clasp and short ball chain.

Use pliers to open triangle bail. Hook it thru one of the coins (2 inch acrylic disc) and the swivel lobster clasp. Take pliers and close the triangle bail.

The second coin (2 inch acrylic disc) use the ball chain. Just feed one end of the short ball chain thru the hole and then connect. This is a no tools required method and the ball chains are included with the  acrylic discs.

Now for the Cuff Bracelet 
You will use the same heat press settings and craft paper from the coin project. This time you will need your brown work glove or other glove that can withstand heat and not leave marks. First be sure to remove the clear protective film on both sides of the cuff acrylic blank. If you leave them on you will have a mess.

Place acrylic right side up and add your htv, press 5-12 seconds and carrier sheet, each time placing the acrylic print side down. This is only if you want a shiny finish to your acrylic. The heat from the press (top platten) will create a matte finish on the acrylic.

Once you have all the htv in place and carrier sheets removed, flip your cuff upside down (for a  shiny finish) put on your glove. Place your cuff form in easy reach.  Then press with light pressure for 30 seconds.  
Wrap the flexible acrylic cuff around the cuff form making sure to center the opening on the back. The cuffs come in various sizes so depending on the size you have, your ends may overlap. Hold on form until cooled. Remove from form and adjust while still warm.  

I pray everyone enjoys my first ever blog. BLESSINGS to all.

Roy Robinson

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