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Super Bowl Super Simple Super Cute

Posted by MommaOh on

Acrylic Foot Ball Helmet blanks for vinyl and Football acrylic blanks for vinyl
Photo credits : Faye Mitchell

Hi Everyone, It’s me, Faye Mitchell and I’m back with another guest blog posting.  This time I’m making a Super Bowl themed Acrylic Tic Tac Toe Game Board Set using the amazing products you can purchase from the Craft Chameleon.

Items needed:
Transfer Tape 

* SVG Design Program

Vinyl Application Tool

Fabric Paint or Fabric Markers
Paint Brushes

Items listed with an * are clickable links.

The first thing I did was make a template of my game board in Silhouette Studio Designer Edition so I make sure the colors I chose looked good together and so I could add the wording to the board around the tic tac toe board.

I did this by drawing a 3.5” x 3.5” square.  I then added the tic tac toe board digital file, provided  by Craft Chameleon in your order's shipping notification, onto my square.

Tic tac toe vinyl design for acrylic blank game boards with Super Bowl theme

Once I got my tic tac toe board onto my square, I resized it slightly since I wanted to add some words around the outside edge.  I did this by just clicking on the board and using the resizing squares to drag it in a little bit smaller.  

Once I had it the size I wanted it I used the text feature in my design studio and added the words to the board.
  I used the font Junior Varsity from the Silhouette Design Studio Store.  Not seen in the photo but I also put LII in the center box since it is the 52nd super bowl this year.

With my board designed, I started working on the designs for the game pieces. these are ordered as charm size with no holes on the Craft Chameleon website.

Since it is still early, so I don’t know which teams are going to make it to the super bowl, coupled with copyrighted team logos, I decided to keep it simple. My super bowl super solution?  I went with the AFC vs. the NFC for my game.  I decided my AFC team would be represented by the Football Helmet charm and the NFC would be represented by the football charm.

* Smooth brown glitter finish is on one side only.

With all my designs all created, I started to cut the vinyl. You may notice that my vinyl pieces were super tiny but they cut like a dream using the CB09 blade kit (60 degree blade) from Craft Chameleon. 

I did all my cutting at once and worked on weeding each color while the next color was cutting.  It saves time and  works best for me. 

To save vinyl I put my white football laces in the middle of my tic tac toe board and went ahead and put them onto the football charms using my weeding tool instead of transfer tape prior to taking this photo.

After all the pieces were cut and weeded I started the assembly process.  This is when it starts getting really fun because you can finally see the design come to life.  I personally started with the game board and put the words on first followed by the tic tac toe cross hatch with the last step adding the LII. You could also personalize with a name or monogram too!

Once I had my game board completed I needed to get my pieces done.  I decided since I had already done part of the football charms I would go ahead and get them finished first. 

Before applying any vinyl,  take the protective plastic off the acrylic charm blanks or you’ll be spending extra time re-cutting your vinyl  Then to place the vinyl, use
 a small piece of transfer tape to pick up the NFC wording and place it carefully onto the footballs.

Onto the “AFC” Football Helmet Charms!  Assembled using the same methods as the footballs by using a small piece of transfer tape to apply the AFC wording . Repeating the process to put the red face mask pieces onto the charm.

TaDa! My board is complete and I’m ready to play some super fun, Super Bowl Tic Tac Toe.

Come back on Saturday and I will show you how I made this darling bag to keep the set in!

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