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Suede Fabric Weaved Chain Link Bracelet

Posted by Chacoy on

I'm so excited to share a couple of items from Punch Place Plus today that you can use to create some fun, unique items.


Today we're going to make a suede fabric weaved chain link bracelet using "mainly" two items from Punch Place Plus.

The items you'll need are:


These were really easy to make and make such a fun gift, accessory or item to add to your shop!

This is a casual but elegant faux suede fabric that coordinates with the Punch Place Plus faux suede headbands". -but it has so many more uses!

The Suede Fabric comes in 28 different colors and you get one yard of 62"+ width pre-packaged suede fabric.

Take your Suede Fabric, unfold it, refill it making sure your seams line up nicely; fold it again so you can make a nice one inch cut. (This ensures you'll get a longer, straighter cut without having a longer piece of fabric.)


Once you've got your Suede Fabric cut, take the end and turn the corner it in at angle. (This will make it easier to weave through your Chain Link Bracelet.)

You're going to start weaving the suede fabric loosely, in and out of every-other link on the bracelet.
Make sure you leave a piece at the start of your bracelet at least one to two inches (so you can tie it later as well as adjust the Suede Fabric).
Continue weaving the Suede Fabric through every-other link until you reach the end.
Before tying the ends, adjust the fabric as loose or as tight as you want them on the links.
I wanted mine loose so I loosened them up a bit.
You're now going to tie the end around the last link you've just threaded. Simply pull the suede fabric out a little and tuck the end through the circle to tie the knot and clip the ends of the Suede Fabric.
Make sure you pull hard to secure the end of your bracelet.
Showing a loose knot.
Both ends tied and ready to be decorated!
I added a White 2.25" Tassel and 1" Clear Heart (on opposite sides).
I absolutely love that the suede fabric frays and leaves your bracelet looking a little "worn".
These would look adorable with more then one acrylic charm (blank) too!
What blank(s) would you apply to your suede fabric weaved chain link bracelet?
















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