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Ring It In...

Posted by Chacoy on

With all of this jewelry you've been making, it's time to ring it in (not in a bad way)!

Punch Place Plus sells these amazing little ceramic ring dishes that would be perfect for holding all of your precious jewels!

I have seen these cute little dishes all over the internet. For purchase along with tons of DIY ideas on how to decorate them yourself from painting, adding animals, initials, dates, patterns and so much more!

For my ceramic ring dishes I decided to add a little something to help with holding all of my treasured jewels.

To make these ring dishes you'll need:
Ceramic Ring Dishes
Plastic Animal/Toy etc
Paint Brush

I first started off by washing my dishes and my plastic items to prepare them for paint. Once they were dried (you want to make sure the plastic piece you use is completely dry), I started painting. Making sure I got into the cracks and crevices of all the tiny parts of my plastic figurine.

You want to let them dry for a few minutes in between coats. If you don't it seems like you're just pushing the paint around and making a huge mess.

It doesn't look like I have painted him but I did.

Here is what it looked like before painting and after.

I decided to paint one gold and one silver.

Once the paint dries (the bottle of paint said 24 hours), I let them dry for 24 hours.

You can apply a little E6000 to the underside of the plastic toy (I don't know what happened to the picture?).
When I say a little, I seriously mean a little, you do NOT want it oozing out onto your ceramic ring dish;)
Place your plastic toy on the ceramic ring dish, and press it really good. Once it's where you want it, let the E6000 dry for 24 hours and you're all finished!

Don't they look awesome, expensive?!

Make sure and come back on Monday for something NEW to Punch Place Plus!!
Hint: It's in one of the pictures;)

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