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Mardi Gras!

Posted by Chacoy on

We are ready for Mardi Gras, are you?

Accessories - Mardi Gras!

If you're not Mardi Gras ready, don't worry you've got until February 9th and Punch Place Plus can help you get there!

To create these fun Mardi Gras bangles you'll need:
(I ended up using larger beads-22mm then shown in this pic.)
    Scissors - Mardi Gras!

    To create the two hook bangle, I simply took the ends of the Adjustable Bangle Bracelet and bent them straight up on both sides.

    Plant - Mardi Gras!

    You'll use your Bent Nose Pliers to hold one side still and the other ones to push the looped part straight up, so it is no longer "wrapped" around the bangle.

    Text - Mardi Gras!

    Bracelet - Mardi Gras!

    You'll do it to both sides.

    Hoop - Mardi Gras!

    You'll then want to measure your acrylic and the size of your wrist.
    My wrist is 7.5" so I made the wire 5.875" to account for the acrylic.

    Plot - Mardi Gras!

    You can now cut the bangle to the desired size.

    Mouse - Mardi Gras!

    This is where the file or bur cup would come in nicely. You'll want the edges of the cut pieces to be smooth so they don't snag or cut you.

    These next few steps could also be used with 20 gauge wire.
    Hoop - Mardi Gras!

    Now take your Bent Nose Pliers right at the end of the wire and bend it straight back.

    Person - Mardi Gras!

    You'll want the end to look like this.

    Text - Mardi Gras!

    Before doing the other side, string your beads onto the bangle and make sure they fit and hit where you would like them to. (It won't be very fun to start over!)

    (If you don't want to add beads see photo below.)

    Person - Mardi Gras!

    Once you've got your beads on simply put your Bent Nose Pliers back onto the end and bend it back.

    Both ends should look like the picture below.

    Hoop - Mardi Gras!

    Now you can add your Gold Mirror Acrylic Fleur-de-lis to the end, slip it on your wrist and stick the other edge into the hole.

    Accessories - Mardi Gras!

    You can throw these babies out but I'll be wearing mine!

    Accessories - Mardi Gras!

    Happy Mardi Gras!

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