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Inspiration Bracelet

Posted by Chacoy on

I'm so excited to share this inspiration bracelet with you all today!!
Wrist - Inspiration Bracelet

I love that I am able to create such cute, unique items that don't only look amazing, but only take a few minutes to make; all while using the acrylic blanks from Punch Place Plus!

I used the 1.75x2" Moroccan Quatrefoil shape in maroon (this color is ah-ma-zing!), added a reverse quatrefoil design on the top and then added the love in the center.

Here are the items you'll need to make this bracelet:
1.75"x2" Moroccan Quatrefoil shape with two holes
Silver Tone Bracelet for Acrylic Blanks
Needle Nose Pliers

You're going to start off by taking the protective covering off of your acrylics, cleaning the acrylic, making your vinyl design and adding it to your acrylic. If you need help on how to do this, check out this post.

Now you're going to get your bracelet ready to apply the acrylic.
Chain - Inspiration Bracelet

The bracelets that Punch Place Plus offers are amazing because they're made exclusively for use with their 2 hole acrylic jewelry blanks!! They come in two sizes, 7" which runs from 6.25 inches to 7.25 inches when using the extender and in 8" which runs from 7 inches to 8 inches with the extender. (The extender is a little over 1 inch)

All I did was use the center jump ring (see above photo), I take my needle nose pliers and separate the jump rings, taking one side of the bracelets chain off.

Showing the center split ring open with both sides of the chain still on the split ring.
Fishing Lure - Inspiration Bracelet

With one side taken off of the center jump ring.
Silver - Inspiration Bracelet

With the needle nose pliers still holding the split ring and chain, I add my acrylic.
Pen - Inspiration Bracelet

Showing the other piece of chain and split ring.
Arrow - Inspiration Bracelet

Now I am going to take my other split ring, add it to the other half of my chain.
Electronics - Inspiration Bracelet

With my second split ring still open, I am going to add it to the other side of my acrylic and close it.
Fishing Lure - Inspiration Bracelet

Ta-da! A beautiful and inspirational bracelet!

Hair Slide - Inspiration Bracelet

Petal - Inspiration Bracelet
(*Please note that the glitter acrylics have a solid backing and aren't the same color as the front.
They also come with a clear protective covering on them that you'll need to remove.)

So what do you think? What's that you say, it needs a pair of matching earrings?!
I agree!!

Punch Place Plus carries these cute Moroccan Quatrefoil discs in earrings!! (Oh lawd, help me!!)
Sweets - Inspiration Bracelet
(The earrings come with a clear protective covering and a solid backing on them just like their larger counterpart.)

To make the matching earrings you'll need:
Moroccan Quatrefoil Earrings
Double J Earwires
(Yep, that's it! Unless you want to add some vinyl to them then you could always make a cute little initial or something.)

Punch Place Plus carries three styles of earwires, Silver tone, Hypoallergenic Plating and Gold Tone.

Accessories - Inspiration Bracelet

The Double J's are a sleek modern style earwire which are a Punch Place Plus exclusive design! You can make dangle earrings with no tools needed! You simply slide your acrylic blank, tassel or charm on, pop into place and bend back the ball to meet the wire to secure!

All you need to do is take your earwires, add them onto the earrings and you're done!
Accessories - Inspiration Bracelet

Cute right?!

I made the quatrefoil design I used into a download, if you'd like, you can download the quatrefoil design here.

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