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Hotline Bling, Can Only Mean One Thing...

Posted by Chacoy on

Hotline bling, can only mean one thing...Punch Place Plus has phone cases! (I know that was super cheesy but hey, my son won't let me do it in public or anywhere!)

Punch Place Plus carries 5, 5s, 6 and 6s phone case blanks that you can decorate in any way you like. (They do not currently have Samsung phone cases-so be sure and sign up for their newsletter and you'll be the first to know when they are! A little birdie told me it might be after the holiday's;)

The awesome thing(s) about the phone cases from Punch Place Plus (besides them being customizable), is that you get TWO at a steal of a price!

Today I won't to show you how you can customize some cases for either holiday gifts, your shop, craft shows or for yourself!

What you'll need:
iPhone Case Blanks
Transfer Tape

You're going to simply cut your design, weed it, apply the transfer tape and set aside.

Take one of the phone cases out of the package, clean it using soap and water.

Next, align the transfer tape and vinyl up to your phone case, apply it (but don't push it down onto the case just yet).

Slowly, gently use your finger and rub the vinyl onto the phone case. Why? Because they're not solid and if you push to hard, you're going to crack your case.

Once you feel that you've got the vinyl on there again, slowly and gently use your finger and get into all the cracks and crevices of the words/design. This ensures that when you pull the transfer tape off it won't take any of those pieces with you!

This is it, the moment we've been working so hard for, the releasing of the transfer tape.

You need to take this part slow and steady to or you'll pull off pieces of vinyl, give yourself bubbles and a headache.
Pull the corner of your transfer tape and roll/fold it back onto itself. This not only helps alleviate the bubbles but it also helps if you've accidentally pulled a piece of vinyl up with it. You'll simply push the transfer tape with the little vinyl piece back over rub with your finger and then remove again.

Now admire your awe-some new phone case!

I made this one for my son because he is getting an iPhone 5s for Christmas (and although he wants the newest version, he'll be happy with this and his new phone;)

I couldn't not make one for myself!

I am in LOVE with them and I know whoever gets one, they're going to love theirs too!

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