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Double Sided Tape + Felt = Fortune Cookies Tutorial

Posted by Craft Chameleon on

Here a a great way to start off the Chinese New Year or a Fun way to celebrate Valentines Day! Follow the quick easy steps below and have fun!


Supplies you will need are PunchPlacePlus 8mm double sided tape,
scissors, a pen/marker/chalk, felt and a round object to trace around.
3.5” pencil cup was used in this tutorial.

Not shown is paper for making your own fortunes. You can
hand write them or type up and print them.

Step 1

Trace around your pattern.

Step 2

Cut out your circle.


Step 3


 Add a small piece of tape to the felt near the edge

Step 4


Remove the double sided tape release film. Roll the felt around your finger.

Step 5

Pinch the rolled felt together at the top where the double sided tape was located.

Step 6

Make the fortune you want placed in your cookie.


Step 7

Slide the fortune into the felt tube.

Step 8
Crease the felt tube in half the long way.

Step 9
The photo above shows the crease. Get one last piece of tape.

Step 10
Place another small piece of tape at one end of the felt roll on the longest edge.


Step 11

Fold the felt roll in half. Stick the ends together.

Step 12
Flip over and voila a felt fortune cookie. Fill a clean take out
container of these and use for party favors, valentines or surprise the family
the next time you plan Chinese take out!

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