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Doing The Polka, Polka Dots That Is!

Posted by Chacoy on

I want to show you all how I am doing the polka, polka dots that is!

Punch Place Plus carries a wide variety of blanks, with those blanks come some pretty awesome prints like the polka dots, sometimes it's hard to get an idea of how exactly to decorate them and I thought I'd show you how easily they can be made into something amazing!

To make these items you'll need:
Patterned Acrylics in 3", 2", Rectangle & Heart

I chose to do the black and white patterned acrylics because I saw this amazing black, white and silver Christmas tree, I was blown away at how simple it was; yet how gorgeous it was all from using black, white and patterns.

I know a lot of people will be traveling this holiday season and when you're trying to get to your destination at a busy airport we don't need any bah-hum-bug!

So I created a luggage tag to easily spot your luggage on the carousel.

Have you ever forgot to get someone a gift and had to resort to the gift closet? I do it every year:( However with this gift tag, they'll never know it came from the gift closet!

I decided that the majority of my gifts were going to be handmade and that goes for everyone on my list and my son's list too!
He has a great friend at school and luckily for me she loves personalized items so I made her a key chain (they just turned sixteen!) and what new driver wouldn't love a personalized key chain?

Now onto my favorite piece (not that the above items aren't my favorite but I love how this turned out)!
Going with the tree that I saw, I knew I had to make an ornament for my friends who just got married this summer.

Are you going to look at the patterned acrylics from Punch Place Plus a little differently now? I know I sure will!

Any of these shape could be used as ornaments, luggage tags, gift tags, key chains, back pack tags, zipper charms and so much more (it doesn't have to be Christmas themed).

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