Well the DT Punches arrived in St Louis at least a week ago and have been held up in customs. My husband has worked to get the shipment released which happened yesterday (now the paperwork customs office for St Louis is in Chicago) because the St Louis customs got the release on the goods. So theoretically today we could get the shipment picked up and delivered tomorrow......but that's just a theory because today is Veterans Day (Thank you and a good Veteran's Day to all of you who have served!!!) so the customs office is closed. Just my luck to get the shipment released on a national holiday! So tomorrow they will pick up the punches and delivery will be (cross your fingers) on Monday.

When the punches are delivered the buy closes, pp invoices will be sent out, shipments will be sent in the order that payment is received. When this process is completed they will be offered for sale at the retail price on my web site and on etsy....later on ebay. So please order now or wait until they are available on the web site.

Thank you for your consideration on this buy!


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