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DIY Unicorn Phone Case

Posted by Craft Chameleon on

Personalized phone case
This week please welcome our guest blogger, Angie Scrivner. Angie uses a larger size vinyl cutter with Sure Cut's A Lot program. She can cut vinyl for large signs as well as small pieces for phone cases as we see here.

Hello, I’m  Angie, I have been married to my husband for almost 33 years, have 2 grown children and our first grandchild in December 2017.  I am the owner of a small business, Houndstooth Hunny plus I drive a school bus.

I love creating things for people and seeing my work put a smile on someones face. Now let's get started!

Items with * have a link to the products

*Glitter  translucent vinyl in Yellow, light blue, silver, and purple. Plain pink vinyl in bubblegum (I used Oracal 651) Transfer tape.

Black iphone 6 cover

Similar  Cut file for the unicorn face with CC Acrylic for $.90

 Vinyl Cutting Machine

 Vinyl application tool 

I start off by opening the file that I received with my iphone cover. Once I have this open I open the unicorn file that I purchased* and resize it to fit the phone cover. 

This is Craft Chameleon unicorn cut file that comes free with the purchase of their acrylic unicorn blank. It wasn't available at the time this post was written.

 Craft Chameleon Acrylic Unicorn Blank

After I get everything the correct size, I break it all apart and decide what I want to cut first and cut it on my vinyl cutter.

I wipe my phone cover with a paper towel and a spray of alcohol, to be sure the cover is clean and has no oils from my hands or anything is on it. Upon cutting each item I place them all on a mat on the desk until I have everything cut out.

Once everything is cut out, I weed each piece of cut vinyl and place all side by side so I don’t lose anything while I’m working.

I begin by placing the horn and ears on the cover. I try to center it, leaving room for a name underneath. The horn and ears are your starting point, once you have applied these and smoothed them and removed the transfer tape, you will now start applying the flowers.

Apply the two outside flowers first and the middle one last, this helps everything fit together. When flowers are done, apply the inside of ears one side at a time.  
Continue applying your vinyl parts until you have your unicorn done. At this time you will apply the name.  I also try to center this.

Make sure that you have used your application tool and smoother all of your vinyl and that you have removed all transfer tape. This makes a really cute gift for the unicorn lover in your life! 

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