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DIY Gold Capped Tassels

Posted by Chacoy on

I love the tassels that Punch Place Plus sells and I think they are amazing quality but unfortunately they don't come in gold tone so today we are going to DIY gold capped tassels!

If you're anything like me, you want/need an item in every color and finish (silver tone, gold tone (okay, you get my point) and sometimes you don't always have the option so this is a very clever way to get them!

Here is what you'll need to get started:
Paper Towel
Fine Point Sharpie (Yep, it matters;)

Start by wrapping your paper towel around your tassel. 
Why not just use tape? Because it does NOT like the suede! PLEASE trust me!!!

Take your fine point Sharpie and start coloring the tassel from the bottom up.
Why? Because then you don't have to worry about getting any of it on your suede!

This is where the fine point comes in, you're going to use the fine point to get into the grooves of the cap and in between the hole where your split ring will go.

Once you've got the tassel covered, lay them onto the paper towel that you used earlier and allow to dry.

After they've dried (I did mine overnight) you are golden!

There are currently a few colors sold out but have no fear, they will return next year!

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