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By MommaOh on 2018-02-07

Posted by MommaOh on

Tutorial on etching acrylic discs using Silhouette Studio,Version 4, Business Edition Software on a Curio with double sided tape.

Hi, I am Rhonda Fox. Many times, I asked myself if I would really get much use from buying a Silhouette Curio. I kept putting it off and putting it off. Then I was the lucky winner of a brand-new Silhouette Curio! I love it and you will too. I am a Curio beginner and I am sharing what I have learned via the Curio manual, watching Silhouette Curio etching videos on You Tube and lots of etching. I have been experimenting using varied materials (acrylic and metals) and I love etching acrylics the best.
* Craft Chameleon has several good etching videos on their You Tube Channel.

Now, let's get started….

Supplies with an *astrick are links and can be found on

Silhouette Curio with small base
*2.5" round arylic blanks
* Double Sided Tape - any width will work
* 2.5" Circle Template
Etching Tip - there are 3 to choose from
Silhouette Etching Tip
*CB09 Holder with the Craft Chameleon Etching Tip
* Amy Chomas Precision Tip

Paint brush- I use it to sweep away the acrylic dust as design is being etched. 

Designs- Check out the many designs available or make your own!

Using Double Sided Tape to Etch

Use double sided tape to place your acrylic on your mat. Locate on grid lines as shown.

Use the Ellipse Tool to draw a 2.5" circle. Making sure to locate it in the same place on the grid as on the mat.  Align your design within the circle and edit leaving plenty of room around the hole at the top of disc.

I used the Knife Tool to cut the design before etching, to assure I didn't etch across the hole. 
When design is edited and ready to etch, move or delete the circle and blue lines used for alignment.

To DEBOSS or EMBOSS? – That is the question.

Design situated in the circle ready for etching? Time to scroll down to the bottom right hand side of screen, locate the little gray arrow and click. Look for the Emboss/Deboss symbol.
It will look like a STAR. 

  • Choose the Deboss option to create your etched image. 
  • Flip design as this will put the etched image on back of the disk. 
  • Right click on design and click flip Horizontal. Don't mirror as it will put the design on the right side of your screen.

Choose your embossing patterns. I prefer using the Crosshatch or Spiral pattern. You choose!

Zoom in to see the fill pattern and spacing, To get a smaller pattern or more filled in look, use spacing .004.  You can also change the hatch direction, I used 0. Experiment with the various settings to see what appeals to you. 


Keeping the Embossing Panel open, click on the send button.This will open the Cut & Etch settings.
TOOL 1 = Red or red circle
TOOL 2 = Blue or blue circle
In this tutorial we will be using the red tool holder.

Material Setting – Acrylic Blanks

Acrylic Blank - Cut, Etch, Emboss

Cut – 3

Speed – 9 or 10

Force – 17 (You can go up in increments of 5 on the force setting if you want a deeper etch)

Passes – 1 or 2

Platforms – 3 - #2 panel, Soft Foam panel and then a sticky cutting mat on top. I used an OLD cutting mat because I udse double sided tape

Look over the settings to make sure they are correct, and disc is in correct location on cutting mat. Then it's the big momment...time to hit send and watch the magic unfold.

Enjoy and have fun etching. I certainly have! Here are a few items I have etched.

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