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Be Brave

Posted by Chacoy on

Be Brave

Punch Place Plus (Craft Chameleon) sells a lot of amazing products and today I want to share with you one that has quickly become one of my favorites, the Arrowhead.

The Native American Indians are deeply spiritual and they communicate their history, thoughts, ideas and dreams from generation to generation through symbols and signs. 

The Arrowhead is a sign of protection, courage and strength so I decided to keep the design on this one simple and let the meaning and Arrowhead do all the talking.

They acrylic Arrowheads that Punch Place Plus sells have a gold mirror finish, two holes on each end that can be used as bracelets or necklace's. The mirror finish makes them look really clean, classy and expensive.
I made a few examples to show you how versatile these pieces can be. 

I left the message the same on each piece because this is a gift for a sweet friend who is battling breast cancer right now and I thought the sentiment fit perfectly for her to be Brave.

The first is a wire wrapped bracelet. I wrapped the wire through one hole on the  Arrowhead leaving about an inch poking through the hole (enough to wrap around it three to four times) and then wrapped the rest of the wire around my wrist (you could use a cup if it is to hard to keep it all together) until I got to the end of the wire. I then looped it through the second hole and wrapped the wire around all the wire three to four times and repeated that on the other side.

(Shown with frosted glass vinyl)

I also made two necklaces. I made one sideways for a more updated look and also so the Arrowhead was by her heart.

(Shown in gold vinyl)

The second necklace I did horizontally. 

I also used two different types of vinyl on them. One is frosted glass vinyl and the other gold.

Aren't these amazing? 
p.s. these are so hard to photograph and show you just how amazing they are!

I love the significance and meaning of the arrowhead as well as the new trend that has them popping up all over!

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