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Adjustable Bangle Bracelets

Posted by Chacoy on

We've asked and Punch Place Plus delivered (because they're awesome)!

Punch Place Plus now carries Adjustable Bangle Bracelets!

They come in two great colors, gold tone and silver tone and they come individually packaged!! (LOVE that!)

The Adjustable Bangle Bracelets are amazing quality (best I have seen and wouldn't expect less from PPP's QC!) that will last you and your customers a very long time!

The bracelets are fairly simple leaving you with endless possibilities to jazz them up however you'd like.

I simply used oval split rings, acrylic blanks, tassels and added them onto the bangle. You could add them to both the top and bottom part of the bracelet if you'd like too!

1 5/16" Color Acrylic

2" Circle Acrylic


1" Acrylic Mirror Letters


15/16" Traditional Tortoise Acrylic


Stay tuned for a great tutorial on how to make your tassels "golden"!


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