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Acrylic Faux Sea Glass

Posted by MommaOh on

This is a post that I wrote for the "Terri Johnson Creates Blog".

Faux Acrylic Sea Glass
Summer is in full swing now and if you are not lucky enough to walk the beach to collect sea glass, this tutorial is for you. Hello all, Jamie from Craft Chameleon here! Terri has graciously opened up space on her blog to share this fun technique.

What you will need for this project other than your Silhouette and permanent vinyl is as follows:
Paper Plate, 2 grades of sandpaper, nail file, double sided tape, translucent acrylic.

First, you will want to secure the coarsest sand paper down on the paper plate using your double-sided tape. The plate does three things. It keeps your sandpaper located; keeps your dust/sandpaper granules collected and keeps your sandpaper flat/level as to not create gouges.

Next, take the translucent acrylic and sand in a circular motion on the sand paper. Place your fingers on different areas of the acrylic to assure even sanding.

Do this for both sides. When the acrylic is evenly sanded, with the coarsest sandpaper, empty your plate, and replace with the least coarse. Repeat the sanding process.

When completed the acrylic will have a frosted appearance. However, the edges will still have a gloss finish. 

Quickly and easily, take the gloss off the edge with a nail file for your finishing step.

Wash with clear water and dry. Add your vinyl design and complete your project!

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